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SCR Retrofit-AES Cayuga, LLC, Lansing, NY, USA

IDS, Engineering subcontractor to Foster Wheeler Corp, for retrofit of Unit 1 with selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Unit 1 is a normal 160 MWe Pulverized coal fired steam generator that was put into service in 1995. To meet current and future NOx emission limits, significant NOx reduction was required therefore an SCR was selected as the appropriate technology. Space for the SCR was limited with SCR supply and return flues being routed in only a 12-foot space between the boiler and precipitator.

IDS provided Foster Wheeler with Plant Design, Engineering, Design/Drafter, and Construction Management Services for the majority of the main supporting systems related to the SCR Retrofit.

IDS’s Scope of work included the following systems and components

  • SCR Reactor Housing
  • SCR Flue Gas Ducting System
  • Ammonia Storage and Handling
  • Ammonia Piping System
  • Economizer Bypass Ducting
  • Monorail System
  • SCR Bypass Duct
  • Soot blower System
  • Structural Supports & Piping Supports
  • Auxiliary Systems (compressed air and dampers)


IDS’s responsibilities included developing the SCR General Arrangement drawings, Assembly & Installation Drawings and all Shop Fabrication drawings

IDS performed all the required Structural Engineering Piping Stress and Code Calculations for all the systems in accordance with the applicable ASME Boiler Codes and Standards including, determining all SCR load calculations, thermal expansion movements, structural steel & platform loads, and developing all required pipe & duct support design details.

IDS also provided on site Construction Management support during the construction phase of the project. IDS personnel assisted Foster Wheeler with plant walk downs of mechanical systems and equipment, field design and engineering recommendations, equipment interference checking, construction deviation report tracking, scheduling and document control.