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Redbank I Project - New South Wales, Austrailia

IDS, Engineering Subcontractor to ALSTOM POWER Inc., (formally ABB Alstom Power) for the Design and Installation of two (2) new (FI-CIRC) Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Boiler Units, located in New South Wales, Australia.

IDS provided ALSTOM with Plant Design, Engineering and Design/Drafting services for a majority of the main supporting systems related to the FBC Boiler Island. IDS's responsibilities included developing the Plant General Arrangement drawings, Assembly/Installation Drawings and all Shop Fabrication Detail drawings. IDS developed a complete 3-D Model of all major Mechanical Equipment, Piping Systems, Access Platforms and Structural Steel. The 3-D Models were used in conjunction with ALSTOM's modeling efforts to coordinate equipment interface points, locations and perform overall plant interference checking

IDS Scope of Work included the following systems; the Combustion Chamber/Furnace, Windbox, Cyclones, Air & Flue Gas Ducting, BDT Fuel Feed Piping System, Bed Material System, Ash Cooler, Ash Re-Injection System, Boiler Circulation Water Piping System, In-Bed Evaporator Tubes, Cooling Water Piping System, Compressed Air Piping System and all Furnace and equipment Access Platform Arrangement & Details drawings.

IDS performed the Detailed Engineering and Design on all the above mentioned systems including; Structural Engineering, Piping Stress Analysis and Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Calculations in accordance with the applicable Australian & ASME Boiler Codes and Standards. IDS determined all boiler/furnace load calculations, thermal expansion movements, structural steel & platform loads and developed all required pipe & duct support design details.

IDS also provided "On-Site" Engineering & Design support during the construction phase of the project. IDS personnel performed plant walkdowns and inspection of Piping systems and Mechanical equipment. IDS provided field design layouts, checked equipment access requirements and made recommendations to eliminate interference problems