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4 HRSG Project 5
Tenaska - Black & Veatch - Kiowa, Oklahoma, USA

IDS, Engineering Subcontractor to Deltak, LLC., for the design and installation of four (4), Three Pressure Level, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Boiler units with Selective Catalytic Reactor Systems (SCR), for Black & Veatch, located in Kiowa, Oklahoma, USA.

IDS provided Deltak with Piping Layout & Design, Stress Analysis and Pipe Support Engineering services for all of the Code and Non-Code Piping systems for the HRSG Boiler island. IDS also provided Design/Drafting services including; developing all required Piping 3-D Models, Piping Arrangement & Installation Drawings, Isometric Detail Drawings and all associated Pipe Support Detail Drawings

The HRSG Pressure Piping Systems designed and engineered by IDS included; the High Pressure (HP), Intermediate Pressure (IP), Low Pressure (LP), Reheat Steam System and Interconnecting Steam Piping Systems. Also, Boiler Feedwater and Recirculation Water systems, Steam Drum Trim Piping, Vent Stack and Silencer Piping and all Small Bore Vent & Drain Trim Piping. Auxiliary Systems included; the SCR Ammonia Piping, Natural Gas Piping, Instrument Air and Cooling Air Piping System.

IDS performed all of the required Code Calculations, Piping Stress Analysis and Pipe Support Engineering for all of the Piping Systems in accordance with the applicable ASME Boiler Codes and Building Codes, including but not limited to; Section I, Section VIII, B31.1, B31.3 and International Building Code (2000 IBC). IDS also developed and provided all required load calculations including; Seismic & Wind loads, Thermal Expansion Movements, Loads to Foundations, Structural Steel, Platforms, as well as, determining all Pipe Support loads, locations and designs.